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European Union Centre of Excellence

Conference: Policy Formation in Post-Secondary Education, March 15-17, 2012

Paul Axelrod, a professor in York’s Faculty of Education, will be convening an international conference entitled “Policy Formation in Post-Secondary Education: Issues and Prospects in Turbulent Times” on March 15-17, 2012 at the Novotel North York. Several of the papers to be presented here will deal with matters pertaining to education in the European Union including:

“The EU Innovation Strategy: Challenges for Higher Education in Europe” (Frans Van Vught and Harry Deboer, University of Twente) – 10:30 am – Saturday, March 17th


“The Bologna Process: A European Process Leading to Global Convergence” (Chuo-Chun Hsieh and Jeroen Huisman, University of Bath) – 10:30 am – Friday, March 16th.

For more information on this conference including how to register to attend, please visit the conference website at: