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European Union Centre of Excellence

EU Study Tour and Internship Program

The EU Study Tour and Internship Program is organized by a consortium of Canadian universities through the Network for European Studies (Canada). York University is a member of this network and helps to ensure  that the program of the Tour meets high standards in content and participation.

The 9th European Union Study Tour and Internship Program will run from May 6-26, 2012 and provides a unique opportunity for students in a variety of disciplines–business, economics, international European politics, international relations and social policy–to immerse them in the European Union institutions as well as other related institutions. Students will have the opportunity to have “face to face” contact and dialogue with presenters and seminar leaders from the ranks of those actively involved in the day to day work of the EU, other European institutions, diplomatic representations to the EU (including Canada), policy think tanks, and civil society organizations.  Participants will experience the EU in action– by attending a hearing at the European Court of Justice, sessions at the European Parliament, and at the European Commission media sessions, and to mention only a few.

Upon the tour’s conclusion, internships at a number of European organizations and institutions are available to a limited number of tour participants. These vary in length and content. A list of this year’s internship opportunities will be posted shortly, however, a list of last years internships is found at:

More details on the program can be found at the link below:
2012 EU Study Tour and Internship Program – Information Handout for Students

Applying to participate in the Study Tour is a two-step process. First, you need to submit an application to the York tour coordinator, Prof. Dagmar Soennecken , <>, by Wednesday, February 1, 2012. This should include your C.V., copies of your post-secondary transcript (a pdf of a print out from your student record is acceptable for these purposes) and a letter of interest outlining how participating in the study tour would complement your degree work and/or career plans. After the applications have been considered, the students who are selected will receive permission to submit an application to the tour organizers (following these instructions found on the study tour program website) by the March 1, 2012 deadline.

Those students interested in completing an internship will have to complete a second application process for this part of the program. Information on the internship program and details on placements offered through the 2011 study tour, can be found at:

Please note: for students interested in an internship with the Canadian Mission to the European Union, an expedited application process is in place and will require students to indicate their interest to Prof. Dagmar Soennecken, York’s Faculty Coordinator the EU Study Tour and Internship Program, by February 1, 2012 (email at bottom of this post). More information on this process can be found in SPECIAL ADVISORY INTERNSHIPS with CANADIAN MISSION TO EUROPEAN UNION

Funding Support

Any York student who completes the tour will be in line to receive the EUCE York grant ($1,250 for those completing only the tour, $2,000 for students doing both the tour and a subsequent internship).

Should you have any questions about the process or any of the materials we are asking you to provide, please get in touch with Prof. Dagmar Soennecken as soon as possible at<>