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European Union Centre of Excellence

EU Law Workshop: Securitization in Germany and the EU – Legal and Policy Implications for Canada, December 2-3, 2011

The EUCE York is pleased present the inaugural EUCE York Law Workshop from December 2-3, 2011. This event takes place under the title “Securitization in Germany and the EU – Legal and Policy Implications for Canada” and is being convened by Prof. Dagmar Soennecken (School of Public Policy and Administration / Social Sciences).

Among the questions, this workshop will consider are:

  • How have states balanced the goal of collective security with that of upholding individual rights?
  • What factors have shaped the different policy choices in North America vs. Europe?
  • What role have courts and international human rights norms played in these insecure times?

Securitization, argue many scholars, has also adversely affected the way in which advanced industrialized states make immigration and asylum policy, in particular with respect to deportation and detentions. At the same time that humanitarian protection and liberal immigration policies are under threat, human smuggling and trafficking is on the rise, reflecting a contradiction between the tough restrictionist rhetoric and the reality on the ground. This Workshop will focus on matters related to law and security in the EU, and will necessarily intersect with criminal law enforcement and human rights constraints.


Participant Bios – EUCE Securitization Workshop

The workshop is co-sponsored by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and York’s Nathanson Centre for Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security. The workshop will be held at Glendon College, York’s bilingual downtown campus.

Main organizer: Prof. Dagmar Soennecken,

European Union Centre of Excellence, York University (John Paul Kleiner, Coordinator):