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European Union Centre of Excellence

Lecture: Enjeux de la diversité en France et aux États-Unis, Thursday, September 29, 2011

EUCE York is pleased to present a talk by Dr. Jennifer Fredette, a scholar at the University of Albany and a EUCE Visiting Scholar at York from September 26-30, 2011. On Thursday, September 27th, Dr. Fredette will deliver a lecture entitled “Enjeux de la diversité en France et aux États-Unis” in the Senate Chamber, found in C Wing of York Hall on Glendon Campus (building #9 on the map found here) at 10:30 am. This lecture takes place as part of the series EUROPEAS: EUCE Seminars in History, Culture and Society”.

Jennifer Fredette teaches courses in constitutional law, comparative law, and sociolegal studies at University of Albany (SUNY). Her research addresses law and society themes such as law and identity, legal consciousness, and legal mobilization, as well as political theory’s concerns with justice and democracy. Fredette studied at Sciences Po-Paris in 2006, and was a visiting research fellow at Sciences Po-Bordeaux in 2008.  Her current project, On the Muslim Question: The contentious politics of citizenship in France, explores the disconnect between how Muslims and French elites discuss citizenship, identity, and belonging.

All are welcome, but please note that the lecture will be delivered in French.

Date: Thursday, September 29th
Time: 10:30 am
Location: C123 York Hall, Glendon Campus