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European Union Centre of Excellence

Conference: Centre and Periphery in a Federated Structure – Canada and the EU, Sept. 24-25, 2011

Canada and the EU share a distinct experience: As federated/federal political, social, geographic and cultural structures both struggle with questions of territorial integration at the core of their existence. Theoretically and conceptually, we will bring research on rescaling and on multi-level governance into conversation with one another. This research conference will explore this problematique from two (often related) angles:

  1. It will investigate the urban social and spatial marginality as a common phenomenon in Canadian and European cities and will look at dynamics in the institutional policy environment that are set up to produce social cohesion at the peripheries of European and Canadian cities.
  2. It will look at EU attempts to facilitate the integration of “peripheral” regions into the economic, political and cultural “mainstream” of Europe (while being conscious of the centre-periphery dialectic in these processes) and will use the Canadian experience of federal integration as a point of reference.

This conference is being presented by EUCE York in cooperation with the CITY Institute at York University and the Canadian Centre for German and European Studies.

Click here for the Centre Periphery conference program.

For more information on this conference, please contact its conveners Prof. Burkard Eberlein <> and Prof. Roger Keil <>