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European Union Centre of Excellence

Conference: Multilevel Citizenship – October 29, 2010

EUCE York Co-Director Willem Maas will be hosting a one-day conference entitled “Multilevel Citizenship” at York’s Glendon Campus on Friday, October 29th, 2010.

Citizenship in contemporary societies has come to be defined as a relatively homogeneous legal and political status within the context of a state. While undeniably important, the focus on (nation-)state citizenship obscures important developments at both sub- and suprastate levels. For example, the rise of citizenship of the European Union has raised expectations that other regional integration efforts may also result in meaningful supranational rights. At the same time many states, particularly federal states, face demands for special local rights. And the comparative history of citizenship and its political evolution provides rich examples of multilevel citizenship in theory and practice. The aim of this conference is to stimulate debate on the concept of multilevel citizenship, focusing on its contemporary relevance and its implications for the future of citizenship. Participants will be asked to revise their contributions for publication.

Multilevel Citizenship Conference Program

Multilevel Citizenship Participants List

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